If you’re already in active senior, you may just want to continue with your current exercise routine. Most of us are simply comfortable continuing with what we already do. Change is not something we ever want to do or even like considering. However, if you’re an active athlete over age 50 you may want to consider getting an exercise partner.
Athletes over age 50 can some pretty nifty benefits from getting an exercise partner after age 50. Let’s look at some of the Hidden benefits of finding an exercise partner.

Experts Recommend It

Many experts interviewed by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency noted their recommendation for senior exercise was to take a friend along with them. The reason for this recommendation was that it would make exercise more enjoyable and give them something to look forward to.

Having a social opportunity is important for senior citizens along with having the opportunity to get out and be physically active. The experts interviewed noted that combining the two was like getting two birds with one stone.

You’ll Actually Exercise

According to Science Daily, a University of Aberdeen study found several of benefits for people who workout with a partner.
You exercise more.
People in the Aberdeen study who found an exercise partner worked out almost twice as much as those who did not.
The type of support matters though. The study found that the results were seen more when a workout partner was emotionally supportive. If a partner was practically supportive, meaning they never missed a session, the results were not quite as high as they were with an emotionally supportive partner.
The increase in exercise was seen across the board for people who found emotionally supportive exercise Partners. This is especially important for people that’s age 50 because our ability and desire to exercise decreases. Having someone who will be able to motivate you to work out twice as much is going to give you an edge on those days where you don’t want to get out and exercise.

You Have An Opportunity To Eliminate Emotional Stress

Fitness Magazine discussed how people who exercise with a partner often utilize this opportunity to work through life problems. One of the fastest way to get through the time in your exercise is by chatting. This has the added and unexpected benefit of helping you work through your emotional stress.
Why is this more important for people over 50?
Stress is one of the leading factors in age related disease like obesity, heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. Allowing yourself the opportunities to decompress from your work week, home life, or whatever is causing you stress; is going to allow you to eliminate that added risk factor for disease.
If you can lower your stress related hormones like cortisol you’ll see many health benefits like weight loss. Emotional stress can cause a whole host of other physical problems like high blood pressure. Therefore, providing yourself a free way to eliminate both physical and emotional stress is one of the best reasons to get yourself a chatting workout partner.
Now you know three reasons why you definitely need to go out and find yourself a workout partner. Especially if you’re reaching that special age group of people 50 and over. This age group is going to see the most benefits from finding a workout partner.
Not only will exercising with a partner help you reduce stress. However, it will increase the frequency and intensity of your exercise. In addition, exercising with a workout partner is recommended by experts for people who are over age 50. These three reasons are reasons enough to go to your local gym, YMCA, senior center in order to find yourself a great workout buddy.


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